Dan Sculpher selling free range eggs at Bury St edmunds

Egg trader is nestled in at market

Newmarket trader Dan Sculpher explains why his high-quality local chicken and duck eggs have a bright future
on Bury St Edmunds market.

Dan Sculpher selling eggs at Bury St Edmunds Market

Dan Sculpher is a new face at Bury St Edmunds’ market and is already enjoying building relationships with his regular customers. Dan, 35, took over Stonefield Eggs in July and is proud to be selling fresh duck and chicken eggs from his stall in the Buttermarket. He said: “I love being outside. I’m quite happy being outside whatever the weather. “I like talking to people, getting on with people, it’s a friendly place, Bury.”

The majority of his customers are regulars who arrive on the same day each week. “Most of them comeback and like to see the same face. The nicest thing about being here is the customers, they are really nice people.” Dan said his customers returned week after week to purchase his eggs because they are so fresh.

On the cold Wednesday afternoon I visited his stall, his free-range eggs had been laid, locally, no more than three days previously. He insists the difference this makes is all in the taste. “I can taste the difference, people say they can taste the difference. “People say they only buy here because they know how fresh they are – a lot of people say they are the nicest eggs they have ever tasted.”He said.

As people become more conscious of the origins of the food they eat and the distance it has travelled Dan thinks businesses such as his, where people can purchase twelve medium eggs brought from the farm to the stall that morning for £2.20, have a future. His sales seem to confirm his belief in both his product and the future of his business – when I arrived at the stall at 2.30pm he was close to selling out of both chicken and duck eggs, which, he says, is a regular occurrence.

Dan is normally joined at the stall by Paul Stone, who sells locally reared meats as well as a selection of homemade pork products. Before deciding to take on his pitch, outside Edinburgh Woollen Mill, and become a regular Wednesday and Saturday trader, Dan visited the market with the stall’s previous owner. He said he had found the market as he expected it and was pleased with the number of visitors his stall received, particularly on a Saturday,

Dan may not mind braving the weather, but it seems that during the recent cold snap many of his customers did. However, he said as the weather had improved his sales had bounced back as people rushed to stock up on the essential egg.

This article is courtesy of the Bury Free Press

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