Laura Madine with her books and puzzles stall

Hard working couple are running Bury St Edmunds market stall to fund house renovation

As a little girl she used to help her dad Steve Manley with his market stall.

Now Laura Madine, 30, is running her own books and puzzles stall – and she does not have to look to far for support, or a cup of tea – dad Steve is just next door.

“I took over the stall in January with my husband Alex,” said Laura.

“We both sell cars for a living full time. He is at EMG and I’m at Cecil and Larter.

“Alex has Wednesdays off and runs the stall then, while I‘m here on the Saturdays.

“We are in the middle of a house renovation so we are using the additional money to help fund that.

“Sunday is our day for sleeping, renovation and catching up with each other – although Alex works every other Sunday. May be that is the secret to a long and successful marriage, I don’t know.”

“It’s hard work but I enjoy it and my dad’s only just next door running his stall.

“It’s quite nice having him there.

“He helps me out a great deal and he keeps me supplied with teas and coffees.”

It was her dad that put Laura and Alex onto the idea of taking on the stall.

“The lady before just did books. She lived up in Peterborough and was finding it too far to travel,” said Laura.

And so the couple approached her about taking over the stall.

They took over the running of it in January, and introduced the range of puzzles just three months later.

Although they are working to fund their house renovation, Laura said they may keep the stall going for longer.

“We are thinking of doing it long term – it might be different when we start a family , we shall see,” she said.

“It is nice – both of us do a job where we speak to a lot of people and in many ways this is just an extension of that.

“Being out in the fresh air is nice. It is quite a social job.

“It doesn’t take long before other market traders take you under their wing.”

She said poor weather meant it had been a hard year for the market traders.

“When it is raining or it is very cold it stops people coming out.

“When it is nice weather people linger, they take longer to do their shopping, and that is when you get to know people better,” Laura said.

“I now have my regulars. We have people looking for specific authors of collecting types of puzzles and if we haven’t got it we go look through the brochure to see if we can order it in.”

This article is courtesy of the Bury Free Press

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