Hands on History at Kentwell Hall

Kentwell's biggest Tudor event of the year, with 200+ historians getting you involved in all aspects of 16th century life.

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About this event

Visit the manor lost in time - step back to the year 1535, where you will find out that history is anything but boring!

So much to see and do!

Meet soldiers, surgeons, merchants, and silk workers on the front lawn… cooks, housekeepers, washerwomen, gentry, and minstrels in the house… join in with brewing, and butter, cheese, and bread making in the pavilion… make lotions, potions, and remedies in the still room… meet taverners and painters in the alehouse… animals in the stables… and low life in the hovel.

What’s more, there will be stitching, gardening, basketmaking, archery, smithery, pottery, glass blowing… lessons in the schoolhouse… woodmen and builders… spinners and weavers… dyers and felt makers…

Get lost in the sights, sounds, and smells of the sixteenth century, here at Kentwell Hall. Meet a whole community going about their everyday life, as if you have really travelled back in time to 1564.

Engaging and interactive

Kentwell's skilled living-history experts provide a fun, engaging, and interactive experience, with activities spread throughout the house, gardens, farm, and woodlands.

You're more than a visitor, you’re part of the event!

An interesting and informative day out for the whole family. The House itself will be open, and the history will be spread among our 30 acres of beautiful gardens and grounds.

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