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Bury St Edmunds Comedy Festival

Enjoy 1 month of laugh out loud comedy in February 2024 in Bury St Edmunds!

Visit Bury St Edmunds, where the history is as rich as the punchlines and prepare for a rib-tickling rollercoaster ride through a month filled with side-splitting stand-up, outrageous improv, and a comedy cocktail that'll leave you in stitches.

As we transform familiar venues into laughter sanctuaries, you'll find yourself surrounded by the infectious energy of comedians who are masters of their craft. From clever observations to the downright absurd, our lineup is curated to cater to every comedic taste, ensuring that no funny bone is left untouched.

Buckle up for a comedy adventure like no other – the Bury St Edmunds Comedy Festival is about to take center stage, and the punchlines are ready to steal the spotlight making it a very funny February!

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