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New Crazy Golf Experience Comes to Bury St Edmunds

Sneaky Links promises to offer the ultimate mini-golf experience

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Located on Brentgovel Street, Sneaky Links promises to offer the ultimate mini-golf experience. Think one-of-a-kind courses, Insta-worthy interiors, an epic soundtrack, and a fully licensed bar, stocked with everything from beers and ciders to spirits and prosecco.

From unforgettable first dates to a bit of friendly competition, vibey work socials to simply practicing your short game, Sneaky Links offers something for everyone and every occasion.

Crazy golf fans of any level, skill or ability are challenged to navigate their way to the perfect putt on the inventive 9-hole course, while drinks can be caddied directly to the green. Each hole has been expertly designed by owner Ben Cunningham, who is also the founder of Bury St Edmunds’ first and only escape room, The Evidence Room.

“Everyone I speak to about Sneaky Links says, ‘This is exactly what this town needs!’, so I’m giving the people of Bury St Edmunds what they want.

“Just like The Evidence Room, Sneaky Links has been another fantastic opportunity to work with local suppliers – from the stockists of the can bar and the ‘we’ll-find-a-way” trades to the incredibly talented street artists and designers, this has been the ultimate collaborative undertaking.

“I feel incredibly proud to be able to contribute a new offering to Bury St Edmunds’ already thriving nightlife and entertainment scene. And this is only just the beginning for Sneaky Links, there’s more to come.”

Opening just in time for Christmas party season and welcoming groups of any size, Sneaky Links guarantees to provide a unique and fun night out for expert swingers, casual dabblers or complete duffers.

It’s time to bring your A-game to the links.

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