About this Business

Combat2Coffee is based in the Constitutional Club in Guildhall Street in Bury St Edmunds.

They offer direct trade roasted Brazilian coffee which is roasted at HMP Hollesley Bay in Woodbridge.

It is open to anyone throughout the week and serves a range of teas and coffees and cakes.

About Combat2Coffee

Combat2Coffee was formed as a support outlet for Armed Forces veterans who may be struggling with life outside of service.

Combat2Coffee was formed by former Royal Anglian soldier Nigel Seaman after being diagnosed with PTSD that was linked to service around 2 years ago. Nigel had always had this fascination to work with coffee and decided to use coffee as the vehicle to help others . Their coffee is sourced directly from a farm in Brazil, making this happen allows the farmer and his family to receive 2 1/2 times more cost per kilo than they would if they sold their coffee to a trader.

They roast the coffee in a speciality roaster near Woodbridge Suffolk. The Coffee is roasted by an ex serviceman of 15 years, this guarantees our slogan "Roasted Toasted and Poured by Veterans.

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